Vegan Cuts: Snack Box Review

I was lucky enough to sample a snack box from the amazing 100% vegan snack company Vegan Cuts. Their team is dedicated to finding the best and most delicious vegan snacks, beauty products and clothing on the market and compiling them into goodie boxes available on their website. I know from experience how hard it is to find products in my local supermarkets that are … Continue reading Vegan Cuts: Snack Box Review

December’s Diet Experiment

I’ve been vegan for nearly six months now. Honestly, I would never go back. I love all the food I eat and I don’t find meat meals particularly appetising any more, I would so much rather have a plate of yummy veggies. It’s made me feel so much better too. Before, I was tired, and struggled to concentrate sometimes, and would get moody and stressed … Continue reading December’s Diet Experiment

New Discoveries in July

One of the key elements to succeeding in the transition to a new lifestyle is discovering new, better things while discarding the old habits you’d rather do without. Again, this last few weeks have been jam packed with trying things I’ve either never tried or never even heard of, from food and places to eat out to new forms of exercise to fuel my day. … Continue reading New Discoveries in July

Guest Recipe: Vegan Banana and Vanilla Ice Cream

You may think that eating vegan food means only eating fruits and vegetables, being completely deprived of all things sweet and delicious, all the bad stuff you adore but know you really shouldn’t eat, like ice cream. Well, you’re wrong. We eat all the amazing stuff that everybody loves, but in a form that is 100% guilt free! But vegan ice cream? Is that even … Continue reading Guest Recipe: Vegan Banana and Vanilla Ice Cream

New Discoveries in June

On my path to changing to a whole-food vegan diet, I’m discovering new ingredients that I’ve never heard of or used before. Taking meat and dairy out of my diet is hard, but with the excitement of trying new ingredients and recipes, I don’t feel at all deprived, but incredibly excited for every meal. Why did I decide to change my diet, you might ask? … Continue reading New Discoveries in June

New Philosophy: Changing How I Eat

Since reading about the many mind-blowing studies explained in The China Study, I don’t think I will ever look at food in the same way ever again. Nor will I look upon cancer as an inevitable part of human existence. But what shocked me is that it’s not just The China Study that proves a plant-based diet is the way to optimal health, it’s many other things. … Continue reading New Philosophy: Changing How I Eat