Smokey Paprika Wedges and Garlic Beans

This is a lovely and simple lunch recipe that is incredible for this time of year, it’s perfectly summery and feels light. The skin-on potato wedges and paprika coating makes them lovely and crispy and perfect for dipping in home-made beans or hummus. For the beans, either follow my recipe here, or simply combine your chosen bean (I like either a tin of mixed beans … Continue reading Smokey Paprika Wedges and Garlic Beans

Rosemary Polenta Chips

Polenta probably doesn’t get as much attention as it’s worth. Sure, you can get that unappetising bowl of slop that is probably the first thing you think of when thinking about polenta, but when it’s set it has a really lovely texture that can go with anything and it’s subtle taste allows it to absorb any flavour you add to it. It can be really … Continue reading Rosemary Polenta Chips

Courgette Carpaccio with a Walnut Dressing

I can’t believe how quick (like 2 minutes) and tasty this little side is, it doesn’t even need many ingredients! It’s a fantastic salad-type accompaniment to any meal, and it’s also really great on it’s own for a starter or lunch. It’s multi-purpose, mega-tasty and really light and healthy. It’s the kind of fresh snack that even the carnivores in your family will adore. Makes one … Continue reading Courgette Carpaccio with a Walnut Dressing

Indian Spiced Hummus

I’ve been a huge fan of hummus for a long time, but I’ve only recently realised how much nicer home-made hummus is, and how quick and easy it is to make it. I played around with the flavours of conventional hummus and came up with this incredible aromatic version. If you want regular hummus, leave out the turmeric, lime, and coriander, and add a clove … Continue reading Indian Spiced Hummus

Grilled Mushroom and Courgette Bagel Burger

Now that the weather is getting hot, I really fancied something ‘meaty’, with a BBQ taste without the hassle of starting up the BBQ. I have to admit this is the most delicious hot sandwich I’ve ever tasted and it was so quick! I enjoyed it with a carrot and ginger juice for a fiery refresher in the heat. It’s also great because you can … Continue reading Grilled Mushroom and Courgette Bagel Burger