Orange and Raisin Buns

I found this recipe in a free-from magazine, and I loved it so much I had to share it with you. Recipes for Vegan and sugar-free baking never fill me with hope, as past eggless/sugarless baking attempts have either been a sloppy raw mess or a non-risen rock cake. But, finally, I succeeded! And wow are they delicious! So light and fluffy, something that is hard … Continue reading Orange and Raisin Buns

Guest Recipe: Vegan Banana and Vanilla Ice Cream

You may think that eating vegan food means only eating fruits and vegetables, being completely deprived of all things sweet and delicious, all the bad stuff you adore but know you really shouldn’t eat, like ice cream. Well, you’re wrong. We eat all the amazing stuff that everybody loves, but in a form that is 100% guilt free! But vegan ice cream? Is that even … Continue reading Guest Recipe: Vegan Banana and Vanilla Ice Cream