Coconut Porridge with Raspberry and Rose Compote

Let me begin this long awaited post with a massive apology. I’ve been so tied up recently with my A2 coursework, and not only that I’ve been having so many problems with my digestion that most foods have been giving me tummy ache. It’s been pretty tough trying to figure out what my body clearly doesn’t like, and one of the suspects is Gluten. I’ve been learning how to cook delicious gluten free meals (but thankfully oats are still ok!) and as soon as I start getting to see light while I’m at home (I’m out during daylight hours) I will be able to photograph some of my newest creations to share with you.

Enough of the explanations! Now I need to tell you how delicious this porridge is.. You can probably tell from my blog that porridge is my favourite food as it makes me so happy, and this porridge just has such amazing unique flavours that when I made it the other day it skyrocketed to my favourites list and forced me to break out of my blog-posting hiatus. The compote is so delicious drizzled over porridge since it’s warm, the raspberry, apple and rose water are truly the most incredible combination. I know rose water is a bit of a rare ingredient, but it’s definitely worth buying as it works in so many sweet dishes. (See Amelia Freer’s almond and apricot yogurt for a great example). So, here we go:



For the Oats

2 Handfuls oats

1 Handful Chia Seeds

Approx. 150ml Plant milk (I used Coconut milk), adjust quantity to your liking

1 tsp Coconut Oil

1 Handful Desiccated Coconut


For the Compote

1/2 Apple, Grated

1 Handful Raspberries

1 Tsp Rose Water

1 Tsp Coconut Sugar


Use two separate pans, one for the compote and one for the oats. Each should take around the same amount of time to cook. Put the oats in the pan and on a low heat, stirring gently. In the other pan, add the compote ingredients (excluding the rose water) and a splash of water, and heat on high until it bubbles. Continue to bubble it until the fruit softens, mashing with a fork to incorporate the fruit and water together. Add the rose water and turn down the heat. Once the porridge has heated up and thickened, and you feel the consistency is to your liking, serve in a warmed bowl, then pour over the compote. Add toppings such as seeds, fresh fruit, almond butter or coconut yogurt. (I had sliced apple, desiccated coconut, hazelnuts and flaked almonds).

I hope you love this as much as me and my Dad did!



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