Vegan Cuts: Snack Box Review

Vegan cuts

I was lucky enough to sample a snack box from the amazing 100% vegan snack company Vegan Cuts. Their team is dedicated to finding the best and most delicious vegan snacks, beauty products and clothing on the market and compiling them into goodie boxes available on their website.

I know from experience how hard it is to find products in my local supermarkets that are not only vegan but sugar free too. So when I found out about Vegan Cuts, who send a whole box full of snacks I can have, without even needing to check the ingredients on the packet.. whoopee! The box came with a random assortment of snacks, which was really nice because it made me try things I wouldn’t necessarily choose in a shop. This month’s box included:

Creamy Peanut butter and sea salt protein bar

Coconut, almond and oatmeal bar

Peanut butter crackers

Chocolate coated coconut bite

Baked crisps

Chipotle popcorn

Dark chocolate coconut chunks

Cranberry pumpkin seed bar

Chocolate coconut milk

Chai tea

The nicest thing was the Rebel Kitchen Coconut milk, flavoured with cacoa and dates. I’ve really missed chocolatey drinks since becoming vegan as it’s never tasted quite right, but this was delicious! I will definitely be buying the milk again, and the coconut chunks were yummy too. That’s what is so great about getting a variety box, being able to sample various things and buy them individually again if you really like it.

The box is $19.95 a month (£13.20) which is incredible for the 10 items I got in the box – Vegan snacks can be quite expensive since most of them are upmarket with fancy ingredients.

I would definitely get it again, and the snacks have lasted the whole month so I’m glad it’s only a monthly box! If you want to check it out, the snack box is available here. The December box is now available to order, which includes dark chocolate peanut buttercups, christmas chocolate bar (dark chocolate, orange, cranberry and cinnamon), a gluten free baking mix, bar-b-que jackfruit and more.

2015-11-25 08.49.26

*Vegan cuts asked me to write this review of their products, however they have in no way influenced what I wrote about them, and my love for the snack box is 100% genuine!


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