December’s Diet Experiment

I’ve been vegan for nearly six months now. Honestly, I would never go back. I love all the food I eat and I don’t find meat meals particularly appetising any more, I would so much rather have a plate of yummy veggies. It’s made me feel so much better too. Before, I was tired, and struggled to concentrate sometimes, and would get moody and stressed really easily. Sure I feel like these things every so often but not as much as I used to. But how regularly was that? What difference has my diet, alone, made to my overall wellbeing? It could be the yoga I’m doing, my new organisation skills I’ve developed and so on that are making me feel so much ‘better’.

This month, for the whole month running up to Christmas, I’m turning back the clock to my anti-vegan days, where I had no idea about vitamins, good fats and bad fats, refined or natural sugars, calories. I’m going to eat ‘normally’! I’ll have to observe the people around me a lot, since my food preferences have changed in a way that I naturally choose to eat the healthy vegan foods, and that’s not what I want to do this month.

The idea behind this is to see how my body reacts, in positive and negative ways. I will be documenting how I feel day-to-day, as well as what I eat, and seeing what changes. Does my skin get worse? Do I feel more tired? Did that sugar loaded packet of sweets or refined white bread leave me feeling bloated? Because this is what I remember feeling like before, and only with changing my diet have I found out the cause of these problems. I also want to see what gets better – my nails are quite weak, so maybe by drinking milk again they will get stronger.

I’m hoping by the end of it all, I will have a better understanding of what my body needs, what it loves and what it hates. Because the reason I became vegan is because I wanted to nourish my body in the best way I can, and I need to know it’s all worth it. By the New Year, I will start eating a newly informed diet, rich in the vitamins and minerals I will know for sure my body thrives on. Vegan diet 2.0.


4 thoughts on “December’s Diet Experiment

  1. This is a very interesting concept. I admire your bravery. Just having one bad meal can throw me off completely after I started eating healthier. I can’t imagine a whole month. I would like to know how you respond, also are you planning on slowly integrating things back into your diet to see how you respond specifically to that or will you just be eating all kinds of normal food all at once?
    It would become hard to decide if drinking milk, for example, helped your nails or if it was something else that you started having again. There would be some overlap that could make your results not very accurate. Does that make sense?


  2. Yes, that is a valid idea. I see what you mean by it not being very accurate, but I am keeping a chart recording everything I eat and how I feel afterwards. Therefore I can see if, for example, whenever I get stomach ache it could be after eggs? At the end of the month I will be posting my findings, I hope you stay tuned!

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