Chocolate Tarts


I really wanted to share a super chocolatey dessert because chocolate is just an all-year-round wonder that makes me so happy! And the consistency of the cacao with the coconut cream is so indulgently smooth and yummy – it’s one of those moment all you can say is “MMMmmmmm!” Enjoy this one!

P.S. Soooo good with strawberries!


Makes 6 Small Tarts


For the Cases

8 Handfuls pre-milled Oats

2 Handfuls Chia Seeds

100ml Water (adjust depending on whether it needs more or less to stick together)

For the Filling

6 Dessert Spoons of Coconut Cream

5 Dessert Spoons of Cacao Powder

3 Dessert Spoons of Maple Syrup

Optional: 1/2 Mashed Avocado


I use Waitrose tinned coconut cream
I use Waitrose tinned coconut cream

Pre-heat the oven to 180°c. Combine all of the ingredients for the cases together in one bowl, adding more water or more oats if needed to make the mixture stick together without being sticky. Grease 6 tart moulds (best with coconut oil, but vegetable oil will do), then roll out the pastry until 1/2cm thick. Place in tins and trim the edges, then cook in the oven for 10 minutes.

While the cases are cooking, combine the filling ingredients. Have a sneaky test to check you like the ratio of the cream, chocolate and syrup, adjusting if necessary! (That means you’d have to test it twice!)

Allow the cases to cool slightly before removing from the moulds and filling with the cream mixture. Place in the freezer for up to an hour to set before eating, or moving to the fridge. Keep in the fridge for no longer than a week.



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