Food By Camilla

I love Camilla’s blog as much as I love her amazing philosophy: “Every time you eat is an opportunity to nourish your body”. Her recipes are nutritious as well as fresh and light, which is what I love. There’s nothing worse than eating a meal to energise you and it being so heavy it does the opposite.

I came across a recipe for one of my favourite things in the world; Sweet Potato Fries! They taste 100%

more amazing than normal fries and they don’t have the unhealthiness of fries because they’re oven baked. With the delicious addition of cinnamon and paprika, you really can’t go wrong with these! Her recipes are super easy to follow too.

Another thing I adore is these zucchini fritters (which would go lovely with sweet potato fries!), and they can be easily veganised by swapping the egg for a little oil or water+chia seed.

Please check out her other really tasty recipes on her blog Food By Camilla!

Have a wonderful day,

Lauren x


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