Home-made Coconut Yogurt

Sometimes I find coconut yogurt a little bit thick and too intensely coconutty to go with everything. So IMG_3811when I looked in the fridge in search for breakfast I found a half tin of coconut cream that needed using up. So I thought it wouldn’t do any harm trying to make my own yogurt. I added banana into it, which overall left the yogurt with just a subtle taste of both banana and coconut, so it didn’t overpower what I ate it with. It was also a lovely runny texture like a normal yogurt, with a yummy natural sweetness from the bananas instead of heaps of refined sugar. This would go great with granola/muesli and blueberry compote (as I ate here), a side to a dessert such as a warm cake or fruit crumble, or mixed into smoothies to give it a lovely creamy thickness.


Serves 1


Approx. 80ml Coconut Cream

Approx. Half frozen banana (pre-sliced)


Add the ingredients to a blender and blitz until smooth. Voila!

Try not to keep it in the fridge for more than a day as the banana will go off, it’s so quick to make it’s best to just make it fresh every time you want it.



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