Acai Bowl


When you’re vegan and can’t eat yogurt, there’s sort of a hole left behind that doesn’t really have substitutes like milk or meat does. Sure, there’s coconut yogurt, which is really yummy, but not only is it a bit overpriced but what if you don’t want a strong coconut flavour? That’s where smoothie bowls come in, and the king of smoothie bowls is of course the Acai Bowl.

Acai berries have been used for their superfood properties by indigenous people in the Amazon for thousands of years, and has recently been rediscovered by the health world. It’s intensely anti-oxidant rich and amazing for energy, and most of all, it’s absolutely yummy! It’s great in anything berry flavoured, especially blueberries.

1 heaped teaspoon Acai Powder (buy here)

1 Handful Blueberries

1 Handful Raspberries

1 Frozen Banana (best if it’s pre sliced, so it doesn’t brake the blender)

Optional: Handful of Spinach (undetectable goodness!)
For a thicker bowl: 1 Handful Oats

For a thinner bowl/smoothie: Splash of plant milk or coconut water
Add all of the ingredients to the blender and mix until smooth. Add oats or milk to adjust the thickness to your liking.

Smoothie bowls are delicious with toppings, I love mine with extra berries and granola, or put in the freezer for a few hours to eat as ice cream.




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