Red Rice and Quinoa Thai Risotto

Risottos are great but sometimes I think it gets to the point where they become a bit limited, there’s such little room for experimentation with risottos I think. But when I had planned to make risotto with brown risotto rice, and 1 hour before I wanted to eat I realised it needed soaking overnight, it was a bit of a ‘uh oh’ moment where I frantically rummaged in our grains basket trying to compensate for my lack of organisation. I thought I’d make quinoa risotto, and then I thought that seemed to be lacking something, so hey, why not have red rice too? And voila, a new recipe was born.

I’ve never had anything other than the conventional risotto with Italian seasonings, it was lovely to have a totally new texture AND a new array of flavourings.

Makes enough for 4 portions


4 Handfuls Red Rice

4 Handfuls Quinoa

1 tin Light Coconut Milk

3 tbsp Mixed Thai Herbs (I use these)

Juice of Half a Lime

3 Small Sweet Potatoes

150ml Water

Optional: Steamed vegetables (I had kale, sweet corn and cauliflower)


Soften the rice for 2 minutes in a pan with a little oil, then cover with some of the coconut milk and a little water (You will gradually add all of this throughout cooking). Add the thai herbs and lime juice, then simmer for 25 minutes, topping up with more coconut milk as the rice starts to soak it up.

At the same time, chop the sweet potato into 2cm squares and cook in the oven (180° fan) for 25 minutes. When this is cooked, mash half of the potato with a fork (keep the other half warm for the top).

After 25 minutes of cooking the rice, add the quinoa and mashed sweet potato to the rice as well as the remaining milk and water, and simmer for 15 minutes. I served my risotto with steamed kale, cauliflower and sweet corn, so this is when you could steam your own veggies for the side, while the risotto finishes cooking.

Test the rice to check it’s soft enough, then serve with the steamed veggies, and fresh coriander, lime and the other half of cubed sweet potato on top.



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