Guest Recipe: Vegan Banana and Vanilla Ice Cream

You may think that eating vegan food means only eating fruits and vegetables, being completely deprived of all things sweet and delicious, all the bad stuff you adore but know you really shouldn’t eat, like ice cream. Well, you’re wrong. We eat all the amazing stuff that everybody loves, but in a form that is 100% guilt free!

But vegan ice cream? Is that even possible? Erh yes? Bananas make literally the most delicious ice cream EVER, so team it with cinnamon and vanilla and you’re about as close to heaven as you could get! I LOVE this recipe from Vegan Needs because she has combined my three favourite things and made a completely new food to add to my list of favourites! It’s such a simple recipe too, just whizz it all up and eat! Check out her recipe here.

I love Vegan Needs posts because she has a similar ethic to me, being vegan, but she also covers vegan and cruelty-free beauty, considering the environment, which is inspiring because we all need to think more regularly about how our habits really impact wildlife and the environment. Check the blog out now!


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