Mega Immune Boosting Tea

You’ve probably heard of the cold-busting benefits of honey and lemon tea, well I can vouch for it’s pick-me-up properties, a cure-all remedy in a cup. Didn’t think it could get any better? Well, it just did. I’ve added ginger and baobab to this tea for even more benefits..

Lemon has an array of vitamins and minerals important for health, but most importantly is high in vitamin C for strengthening the immune system. Because of this, lemon is great at treating infections like colds, flu and fevers.

Honey has anti-inflamitory properties which really help with easing sore throats and coughs. By eating honey regularly, it can also help to reduce hay fever symptoms, by introducing us to small amounts of pollen and allowing our body to build up a resistance to it. However, this only works if you buy local honey, so it contains pollen from flowers local to you.

Ginger is great if you feel sick as it takes that sickly feeling away (I always turn to half a glass of ginger beer when I feel sick, works every time), and has anti-inflammatory properties which helps to ease muscle and joint pain. It’s also got many other medicinal purposes such as easing indigestion, pain relief from period pain, and inhibiting the growth of infection-causing bacteria.

Baobab powder  is very high in vitamin C, which gives us a boost of energy as well as enhancing the health of our immune system. Baobab is also very high in potassium, essential for a healthy nervous system. Oh and it also tastes amazing! I get mine here.


1 slice of lemon (1cm thick, cut off the skin)

1tsp local honey

2cm chunk of fresh ginger

1tsp baobab powder

1 mug boiling water

Put the lemon, honey, ginger and baobab into a blender with a splash of water and blend until you get a smooth paste. Fill your mug with boiled water, and then mix in the paste. If you don’t want your tea bitty, squeeze the paste through a fine sieve over the water, to get the flavoured juice out. Note that the tea may not have the same nutritional benefits without the pulp.

If you’re drinking this tea to help fight off a cold, I would recommend drinking about two cups a day. This is no substitute for normal treatments, if you’re really ill please see your doctor! This is just a gentle natural remedy to help kick a cold before it takes full effect.



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