Coconut Porridge with Raspberry and Rose Compote

Let me begin this long awaited post with a massive apology. I’ve been so tied up recently with my A2 coursework, and not only that I’ve been having so many problems with my digestion that most foods have been giving me tummy ache. It’s been pretty tough trying to figure out what my body clearly doesn’t like, and one of the suspects is Gluten. I’ve … Continue reading Coconut Porridge with Raspberry and Rose Compote

Vegan Cuts: Snack Box Review

I was lucky enough to sample a snack box from the amazing 100% vegan snack company Vegan Cuts. Their team is dedicated to finding the best and most delicious vegan snacks, beauty products and clothing on the market and compiling them into goodie boxes available on their website. I know from experience how hard it is to find products in my local supermarkets that are … Continue reading Vegan Cuts: Snack Box Review

December’s Diet Experiment

I’ve been vegan for nearly six months now. Honestly, I would never go back. I love all the food I eat and I don’t find meat meals particularly appetising any more, I would so much rather have a plate of yummy veggies. It’s made me feel so much better too. Before, I was tired, and struggled to concentrate sometimes, and would get moody and stressed … Continue reading December’s Diet Experiment

Coconut Porridge with Warm Blueberry Compote

This has been one of my favourite porridges ever since I discovered how much I adore porridge, so I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to post the recipe! Freshly made berry compote is the most amazing thing on porridge and it takes only as much time and effort as making the porridge itself so it really is the most convenient ways to spruce … Continue reading Coconut Porridge with Warm Blueberry Compote

Orange and Raisin Buns

I found this recipe in a free-from magazine, and I loved it so much I had to share it with you. Recipes for Vegan and sugar-free baking never fill me with hope, as past eggless/sugarless baking attempts have either been a sloppy raw mess or a non-risen rock cake. But, finally, I succeeded! And wow are they delicious! So light and fluffy, something that is hard … Continue reading Orange and Raisin Buns

Winter Spiced Orange Porridge

I’m really ready for Autumn and Winter foods and I’ve been loving all the seasonal variations of squash in stews, risottos, even sandwiches. I’ve dug out my jumpers, got some spiced chai tea, but what I really needed was a wintery start to my day. I know it’s only just October and ‘Winter’ spices are more of a Christmassy thing but it’s what I really … Continue reading Winter Spiced Orange Porridge